Base Oil : BX-460


It is a highly refined straight mineral oil base stock, commonly known as bright


Recommended for use in various type of lubricating oils, particularly where high viscosity oils are used, such as gear oils & hydraulic oils. It is also used in Metal Working Fluids –Martempering Oils, Drawing Oils, Rolling Oils, stamping oils and Neat cutting oils. It is also used inautomotive lubricants and greases.


AppearanceTransparent, Clear & Odourless Liquid
Colour, ASTM Max5
Density @ 29.5° C gm/ml.0.899
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40° C, cSt.414-470
Flash Point (COC) ° C. Min.270
Pour Point ° C Max0
Viscosity Index Min.90


210 Litres M.S. Barrels/Tanker Load

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